• Model:BEAR-ST-001
  • Size:32*9.0cm
  • Capacity:7.2 / 7.6L

Product Introduction

Material: Tri-Ply Construction(SUS+Al+SUS)
*32cm Steamer is single-layer stainless steel.
Compatible Stovetop: Induction Stovetop//Ceramic Stovetop/Gas Stovetop /Electric Stovetop
Oven Safe: Yes,up to 260°C.
Dishwasher Safe: Yes,hand wash is recommended.
Internal coating: NO,Polished stainless steel.
External coating: NO,Polished stainless steel.
Base Type: Tri-Ply Construction(Pot body included)
Temperature Sign: NO
Handle Type: Fixed
Handle Material: SUS +silicone (Color customizable)
Lid Type: Visible glass lid
*32cm Steamer without lid

Special Feature

  1. Using Tri-Ply material to make the pot body thick and steady;
  2. The Interior is using the 18/10SUS,guaranteeing your food  much safer and healthier.
  3. The Mid-layer is aluminum,which heats quickly and evenly so that it can can energy-saving and fresh-keeping..
  4. The Exterior is 18/8 Magnetic SUS and is compatible with all types of cooktops.
  5. The Handle is 18/10SUS+food grade silicone,not only nice looking but also ergonomically handle can make you comfortable and anti-scalding.
  6. The Glass lid had passed an 800℃ high-temperature quenching process to  increase the impact strength by 3~5 times;
  7. No deformation or burst in the high-temperature environment;
  8. The Patented vent enables to prevent effectively the steam from the lid causing burns, making it safer to use;
  9. Embedded with a food-grade silicone sealing strip, the sealing effect is good, safer and more energy-saving;
  10. The visible glass lid helps to view contents while cooking.

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